Thank you all for the support!

December 27, 2011 3 comments

RSCC candidate Jared Smith


I’m very pleased that so many people have been coming back to this website.  With that in mind, let me urge you to please vote for Mitt Romney in November.  We cannot afford another 4 years of the current administration.  While many of us continue our dialogue over our disagreement concerning the current White House policies, let us all ask the question of ourselves, “We all agree something has to be done … now what?”  What are we as conservatives prepared to do to help the Republican Party win this election?

We must talk to others who are on the fence about which choice for President is better … and make a strong, versed case.  Why argue with a far-left Democrat?  You will waste time when you could be talking to someone who could benefit from your insight.  Talk about the conservative platform and formula for success.  Talk about the damage to the economy this administration is sponsoring.  Talk about what we need to do now to secure the future of America (lower our national debt, balance our budget, repeal Obamacare, etc.). 

Great things happen when good people come together to create a brighter future for our country and our families.  God Bless.      – JS


Thank you all very much for the support. We lost the election tonight by about 100 votes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the hundreds of votes, messages on Facebook, and help we had from so many people.  I wish the best of  luck to all of members of the new Republican State Central Committee.

Friends, as we move forward for the next four years, we are approaching a precipice that will force us as a community, a state, and a nation to either take a stand and save our society or fall with its decline.  And the next presidential election could be the deciding battle in the war to win back our country from those who would seek to weaken our foreign policy, stifle business growth, and continue to promulgate a failing welfare system for which even our children will suffer.

The fight is now.  These problems won’t just go away, be solved by others, or work themselves out.  All of us must take ownership and take action.  We must all pick up our swords and shields and join the fight.  Louisiana is struggling now to save our children’s future in education, employment, and national security.  We must arm ourselves with weapons of knowledge, a strategy for success, and momentum to win. 

“The important things that in a campaign we talk about, let us not forget that once the election is over.”  – Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds

This election cycle ends, but the issues move on.

Thank you all,
Jared Smith